MMORPG Games – Knowing Aion

The game is set in the fantasy land of Atreia. The player can explore the wonderful worlds in this land where there is always a conflict between good and evil. There are two main characters in the game. The player characters which are controlled by other players like yourself and the non-player characters which are controlled by gaming software. There are three races, with eight characters each. Each character class has its own set of unique features. The character classes in Aion are- gladiator, templar, ranger, assassin, priest, spiritmaster, sorcerer, cleric and chanter. Warriors are the masers of combat and their character is all about grit, power and determination. Gladiators are the weapon masters of Aion, brandishing weapons like huge swords. The character of templar aims to protect his friends from the enemy while the role of the assassin is to hide, shoot the enemy and flee. Sorcerers attacks from far with magic and potions. The spiritmaster has elementary spirits who they can summon when they wish. Priess specialize in healing whereas chanters use mantras to strengthen allies. Clerics have the power to save people.

The players can choose the talents that they want for their characters. You can do this by building your characters talent trees for various factors like healing, magic, shooting, tanking etc. Your character will automatically be assigned two Extracting professions but you can hone their skills and teach them new professions. Professions in Aion include weaponsmithing, armorsmithing, sewing, handwork, alchemy and cooking.

The idea is for the player to use his powers to influence dynamic relationships between the various realms, guilds, races and character classes. You will have to encounter fearsome demons and dragons on your quest. The dragons are common enemies of all the players. Players are rewarded with kina, experience, items and reputation for their performance. Your character will also be rewarded with gold, silver and copper to finance your exploration of the lands of Aion.

Aion is a great game which provides a wonderful visual treat with its breathtaking 3 dimensional world. It also offers a good interactive experience and nice music scores. In other words, it is a complete MMO games package.

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