Mind Games That Women Play – Warning, Are You Getting Played?

Let's face it – we all have been there before. We get involved with women who seem to be bent on playing mind games. This happens to almost all men – no matter if they have just started meeting women, or are already in relationships. Women like to mess with our minds because they know that we fancy them, and it somehow feels fun to make us feel totally hopeless and sometimes downright desperate. What we can do is to know the games they play, and how we can handle them. Read on to discover the secrets on how to stop getting played and fight back …

Mind Games That Women Play – And How To Fight Back

1. Jealousy Game. She might try to make you feel jealous by getting friendly with guys in front of you. Or, they hint to you how good some guys are, especially in the areas that she thinks you are 'weak'. Call her bluff. The reason why she tries to make you jealous is that she knows that if you do get jealous, you will try harder to impress her. What a joke.

2. Undermining Your Authority. Sooner or later, especially when she is starting to feel comfortable with you, she will start to determine your authority and be disrespectful. When this happens (it will, trust me) – tell her that either she starts to respect you again, or you'll walk out. Chances are she will crawl back begging on her knees, so do not worry.

So now that you know the mind games that she plays on you, then what should you do to retaliate? Easy – make her taste her own bitter medicine and play her back!

One 'weapon' you should use is hypnosis. I will not comment on the 'morality' of the tactic but if you do not mind using it, it will be one of the most powerful techniques you can use to get women totally submissive to you. One such hypnosis technique is 'fractionation' , where its users are reputedly able to make women emotionally dependent on them, often in the matter of minutes. Killer stuff!

Source by Derek Rake

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