Making a Game Room

A game room is something that most guys spend a lot of time dreaming about, but few actually get the privilege of enjoying. The idea is that a game room can be used to entertain guests, to have parties, or just to hang out in the evenings with the kind of activities that are loosely sporty and competitive but that does not require much effort and can be enjoyed quietly with a drink. These include a home poker table, a football table, a darts board, slot machines and games consoles.

If you do not have the space (or the permission) to create a whole dedicated game room however, then it's still possible to make a room that doubles as a game room. Alternately you can simply add a games 'section' to another room by putting them away in a corner. You can even dedicate a shed to becoming your game room. If you do not have much space then you need to choose your individual items more carefully though. This will mean changing something that is versatile – allowing for various games, classy, ​​and something that everyone can join in with.

A home poker table is a great addition to any game room as it's something that anyone can enjoy and that is highly sociable. Whether you want to play alone, with friends, or with your family, the home poker table is a great way to interact with others in a competitive but friendly manner (unlike a computer game or film which might give you less opportunity to talk). At the same time a home poker table can be used for a variety of games – both variations on the classic Texas hold'em poker and completely different card games. It also fits most decors and looks fairly classy unlike an ugly football table.

A great purchase to go alongside your home poker table is a mini bar for the room that allows you to offer visitors drinks to share over games. Cocktails, spirits and martinis are all great drinks to have with a game of poker and will make the game room feel more classy and more of an event. You should also have some kind of music set up in the room to help further set the tone with some James Bond classics and if you want to push the boat out you could even use an old fashioned jukebox.

By making your game room more like a casino than a pub your room will be far more original than most game rooms that consist of a games console, football table and pool table. You can then continue to add to this theme by getting other casino type items to go along with your home poker table. For example a home roulette table can be good fun and something that anyone can enjoy (you can also use this for a fun drinking game). Alternately you could use old fashioned, traditional slot machines though at this point you will need more space. As well as creating a fun 'themed' room that will wow guests you'll also have something fun to do with visitors and a great little money earning racket.

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