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The book "Where the Wild Things Are" has successfully made the leap from best seller to the movie theater, and now to the PlayStation 3 platform. Aimed for children ten and older, youngsters from ages about six and above will probably enjoy playing as well. The "Where the Wild Things Are" game is decidedly different than both the book and movie. It has lots more action and that is definitely a good thing.

Max lands on his imaginary island and meets the Wild Things. Although they are, at first, none to happy to see him, he ever wins them over. Unfortunately, things are not right at the island as stars fall from the sky ominously. The Wild Things, and Max, must leave the island in order to save them before it is too late. It is decreed that a tower to the moon will be built.

Although bad guys try to stand in the way, and sometimes even snatch away the Wild Characters, Max, with your help, of course, blocks them and pummels them into submission. By working together, Max and the Wild Things are able to successfully escape from the island and save themselves.

"Where the Wild Things Are" has Max swinging from jungle branches, leaping over logs, climbing vine covered walls, falling deep and dark pits, and other physical perilous acts. Max also a has wand with which to smash othersome insects. Finding and collecting shiny and sparkly things takes Max on all sorts of adventures.

Watching Max having dirt clod fights with the Wild Characters is one of the many fun highlights to the game. After the Wild Characters are injured, Max is able to help them feel better by giving them a hug. Then the dancing and howling begins in earnest! Watch out when Max's hearts get low, however, as the Wild Characters will gobble him up.

Nothing can frustrate a child more than playing a video game with a series of almost obnoxiously complicated controller features. Children need to be able to master the game and develop strategy without having to worry about complicated game controller movements. Fortunately, the developers of "Where the Wild Things Are" recognized this and made the controller movements are pretty basic, which is good for this level of play.

Overall, the "Where the Wild Things Are" game for PS3 extends the fun and action of the well loved book and movie by the same name. This game takes a child's ability to interact with a favorite book and movie to a whole new level.

Source by Kate Goodwin

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