Is it Illegal to Backup Your Games?

"Is copying games illegal?"

That's always the first question people ask me when I tell them about making backups for their video games. The short answer? It is completely legal to backup your games.

The long answer? Let's see. First of all, there is always a debate regarding the subject, whether it's for doing backups (or copying, a synonym) of video games, music or movies. But in the end it all comes down to the laws, specifically the Fair Use Act.

Feel free to read the complete act, but concerning this subject, it basically says that you can legally burn a disc if you're the owner of the original copy. That's it, debt over! You can now rest assured that you will not get into any form of trouble if you take all the games you own and make some backups. It's a great way to keep your original copies in great condition. That's what I've been doing for months now as soon as I buy a new game.

Now before you start making backups of all your games, be aware that you need a program that will remove the copy protections. That's the manufacturers' answer and way to make your game copying life as miserable as possible. While those copy protections are a completely legal way for the managers to prevent you from playing your backup games, the removable of those protections are also completely legal themselves! Fortunately, some game copying softwares out there can do the job and remove them automatically.

Source by Gabe Manza

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