Inexpensive Carnival Games for Kids

Whether you're hosting your child's birthday party or organizing a school carnival, your most important consideration is your budget. Circus themed events are popular since they can be put together on a tight budget, yet still have great charm and character that can create a festival atmosphere. The highlights of any circus-themed event are the games, which are fun and cost effective since you do not have to pay for additional entertainment like a magician or clown. Below are two inexpensive carnival games for kids that you can use at your next gathering or school fundraiser.

One popular and inexpensive contest that you can use at your event is the bucket toss, an event in which the kids will try to throw bean bags into buckets that are set at increasing distances. The good thing about this game is that you can build it out of objects you already have around the house. If you do not have actual buckets, you can use plastic, food storage containers, boxes, bowls, or pots and pans. You'll need six to eight containers, depending on how difficult you want to make the contest. Next, place them on the ground in a single line without about one foot of space between each container. After that, place a marker or a line of some sort about one foot in front of the first bucket. This line will be the line from which the children throw. The children can use a small ball or a bean bag to throw into the buckets. The goal is to throw a ball into the first bucket and then into the one next in line and so forth. The child that gets the greatest distance or completes the contest will win a small prize.

Carnival birthday party games can also include events like a balloon stomp. In this type of contest, children work to pop balloons in order to reveal which one has a prize inside. Because balloons are so cheap, this is a very economic, yet fun activity to plan. All that you need is a bag of small balloons and some air. Before inflating the balloons, fill some of them with slips of paper that have prizes written on them. Next, fill all of your balloons with air. The more balloons that you have, the better the effect will be. Finally, explain to the children that the goal of the game is to pop as many balloons as they can to find the hidden prizes.

Carnival games for kids are a great way to have fun and save money at the same time. Using objects that you have around the house, you can create a fun and exciting atmosphere for your child's special day while spending very little money.

Source by Carol Jennings

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