Icebreaker Games in the Workplace

Every now and again we all have to join in or play along with something we may not really want to do, these are known as office icebreakers. There seems to always be one of the business leaders who are persistent about playing a game to break the ice between everyone and help produce a more comfortable environment. Sometimes as much as we detest the thought of playing along, we normally do end up enjoying the activity later and it does give one a great chance to meet people you work with and learn a lot more about them as well. One thing you can feel sure of is that an icebreaker game can certainly bring camaraderie!

These games and activities that help you acquaint yourself better with those at work are called icebreaker games. The people involved may be all strangers, or ones who only slowly know each other, or even may include some of those that do not get along that well and these games can help make communicating with those people much better.

Icebreaker games begin back in the 1960s when a group of people discovered that people have talents and personality traits that they keep hidden or deep inside themselves. One way they found to draw out these talents and hits was to play games that would bring out some of these talents and hits.

Even thought many people feel that these activities are uncomfortable, they have been determined to be very useful in the workplace. These icebreakers can teach people how to open up and talk to those that they normally would not and it has been proven that these games have increased the productivity around the workplace.

Icebreakers that are used for a group of people that come together but are complete strangers can help these people work together as a team. One of the more common icebreakers for those that do not know each other is having everyone in a group or room introduce themselves by telling their name, where they are from, and something about themselves that no one knows.

Another fun icebreaker for strangers is having the person introduce themselves by name, and the next person has to repeat the persons name before them and then their own name on down the line.

When a group of strangers work together for a few hours and do not seem to be working together still or not feeling comfortable, it can become awkward. To help to thaw things out and rebuild that teamwork atmosphere among them, there are other icebreakers that can be tried. Grouping people into sets of two and have one member of the two put on a blindfold. Putting the two in an obstacle area will allow the blindfolded person to have to depend on their teammate to guide them through the obstacles by talking to them only, no touching is allowed at all. What this does is builds the trust in their partner and teachers them the importance of the communications that they have with one another.

There are many more icebreaker games that can be used based on the circumstances in the business and situations you are faced with. Sorting out the atmosphere and way people are behaving can help you find the best icebreaker to use in your situation.

Source by Rosemary Turnbill

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