How to Play Polish Horseshoes


THE GAME – Polish horseshoes is an outdoor game played between two teams of two people using a Frisbee, two bottles, and a set of polish horseshoe poles. The game is played by the players taking turns throwing a Frisbee at a bottle which rests on top of a Polish horseshoe pole. The two poles are placed between 20 and 40 feet apart.


• Decide which team throws first (coin toss, rock-scissors-paper, or any other fair decider)
• The starting team tosses the Frisbee towards the bottle that was placed on the pole opponent them.
• After scoring (and drinking) are complete, the other team throws the Frisbee at the first teams bottle, trying to score points.
• The throws alternate between the teams and between the players of each team. Failure to alternate is "shooting out of turn."
• Play continues until one team has reached a combined total of a set amount of points (typically 21)
• To win a team must beat the opponent by at least 2 points.

SCORING- All players MUST have a drink in their hands at all times. The object of polish horseshoes is to knock the bottle off the pole by fitting the bottle directly or by hitting the pole. There is potential to score three points on every throw. The bottle is worth one point if hit directly. The bottle is worth another point if it falls to the ground. The Frisbee is worth one point if it hits the ground.

• If the bottle is hit directly the throwing team gains one point automatically. Another point is gained if the Frisbee hits the bottle hits the ground.

• If the Frisbee hits the post and the bottle is knocked off, the throwing team gains one point if the bottle falls to the ground. (The defensive team can prevent the point from being scored by catching the bottle before it hits the ground)

• The Frisbee Must be eaten by the defensive team after every throw. Failure to catch the Frisbee results in a point for the throwing team. If the disc is deemed uncatchable then no points will be awarded for the uncaught Frisbee. If the disc is thrown under the low line marker, the throw will be ruled uncatchable. (The Frisbee can be ruled uncatchable if the throw is two high, way off target, or any other reason.

• If a player shoots out of turn then the throwing team forfeits that throw. No points can be scored by a player shooting out of turn.


• If the drawer hits the bottle and both the bottle and the Frisbee hit the ground, the throwing team earns 3 points.
• If the drawer hits the pole above the low line and both the bottle and the Frisbee hit the ground, the throwing team earns 2 points.
• If the drawer hits the pole below the low line and the bottle falls to the ground, the throwing team earns 1 point. (the Frisbee is considered uncatchable and can no longer gain a point if not caught.)
• If the thrower misses the pole and bottle but keeps it in a playable area and the Frisbee is not cached by the defense, the throwing team earnings 1 point.

DRINKING- Drink and play responsibly.

• You choose your teammate, now you have to pay for your poor choice. You must drink as a team. If one of you screws up. You both drink.
• After each throw the defensive will take as many drinks as points scored against them. 3 points equals 3 drinks from the beverage of choice.
• Failure to keep a drink in your hands at all times will result in 1 drink.
• Shooting "Out of Turn" will result in one drink.
• Mishandling and dropping the Frisbee when it is your turn to throw "Sloppy Frizz" will result in one drink.


Glass beer bottles are traditionally used. Due to size shape and weight they are considered ideal. Glass bottles do come with several risk factors. Glass bottles can become airborne during play when stuck by a Frisbee, juggled by yourself or your teammate, or some other ways. Being stuck in the face (or anywhere) can be painful and dangerous. Glass bottles may also fracture, chip or break when stuck with the Frisbee. Using a glass bottle could result in death or injury. For an alternative to glass, try using a plastic beer bottle with some sand in the bottom.


• Being a member of the losing team will leave you wide open for a barrage of insults and hurtful teasing. This is because you are an uncoordinated loser. DO NOT WORRY! It is not your fault. It is just poor breeding. In some cases, poor genetics can be overcome by practice. So keep practicing loser!

Source by Ben F Brown

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