Great Christmas Games You Can Play at the Dinner Table to Keep the Fun Flowing

Do you prepare Christmas dinner for everyone? If you are in charge of the gathering for Christmas dinner, you will want to organize a few fun games and activities along the meal. After all, everyone will be sniffing around the kitchen looking for food if you do not keep them entertained. Here are a few fun-loving ways to divert the crowd until the Christmas dinner is done.

Guess The Christmas Dinner

Here's a simple game all your guests will love. Have everyone who did not work in the kitchen guess the Christmas dinner based on a smell test. By sniffing aromas in the air, players have to figure out the Christmas menu. Although it may be easy to guess whether you're cooking roast beef or turkey, it's harder to figure out what type of potatoes are being prepared. Are they baked potatoes or mashed with gravy? Do you smell squash or broccoli with cheese or both? The person who most closely guesses the foods being served for Christmas dinner is rewarded with a taste.

Get Board On Christmas

To avoid getting board, get board on Christmas – that is, get out your old board games. Find the most childlike board games you own and tote them out for Christmas fun. Have the grown men sit on the floor to play the games. Take a photo of the guys while they cluster around playing a round of Chutes and Ladders on the floor. An even better idea is to give the guys a princess dress-up game so you can laugh at the fathers and grandfathers wearing frills and tiaras. If you play princess games, make sure the camera is handy to capture those funny moments forever. You can even get the kids involved by having them play cards or Monopoly against the men.

Christmas Tablecloth Decorating

When the kids start to clamor around the table for asking food, divert their attention by having them decorate the tablecloth with Christmas designs. Leave your Aunt Harriet's fine linens in the china closet and use a cheap, disposable tablecloth instead. You can even keep this doodling tablecloth every year to see the progress of the children's artwork. Have the kids use permanent marks and date and sign their creations so you have the information in years to come.

Toss The Santa Hat

Take the party outside for awhile to play a exhilarating game of toss the Santa hat. Fill a Santa hat with candy and try to throw it around without the candy falling out. Another idea is a Santa hat relay. Everyone wears the Santa hat and hands it to the next player, who must put on the hat and do the same. If everyone enjoys throwing games, you can take it to the next level. Play football with a goal line made from old Christmas ribbon. Start a soccer game with a rolled up ball of discarded Christmas wrapping paper.

The Worst Christmas Presents

Discuss the best and worst presents you ever received for Christmas. Tell stories describing the coolest and most awesome gifts you got. Just remember not to tell a story about the worst present in front of the person who has it to you! Hold dessert host until everyone shares a story about their best or worst Christmas present.

Where Is Santa Now?

While you eat Christmas dinner, include a delightful activity to amuse the children. Play where is Santa now by using a Santa hat – after all, Santa must be back at the North Pole by now! Have someone pass the Santa hat to another person under the table while everyone tries to decide where it is. Whoever holds the Santa hat winks at someone else at the table. When a person gets winked at, they say "Santa go away!" and the hat is passed. The hat passing and winking goes on until someone guesses where Santa is.

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