Great 4th of July Games For Groups

Memorial Day has passed … you know that means 4th of July is right around the corner, right? So let's not procrastinate and end up sitting on the roof hiring to catch a glimpse or a flicker of a firework because you ran out of time to plan a party. Oh wait … that's what I did last year.

In order to avoid a repeat performance, I decided to try to get ready a little early this year and in the interest of stimulating my fellow Americans to get out there and celebrate their Independence properly, here is a list of fun things to do at your Independence Day event. There's something here for every age group, so you do not have to worry about anyone sitting on the sidelines, unless that's where they choose to be (there's always one, right?). So read up, Coach! We got some serious gamin 'to do !!

Bucket Brigade

What you will need:

    * Cups or small plastic buckets with holes in the bottom * 2 large buckets filled with water * 2 large empty buckets

Divide the group into 2 teams and have each team form 2 single file lines. Place a bucket full of water at one end of the playing field and an empty bucket at the end of each team, behind the last player. The first player in line takes his small bucket (or cup) with the hole, runs to the large bucket filled with water, then runs back to the line, carrying his leaking bucket on his head. He then passes his bucket to the next person in line, who must pass the bucket over his head to the next person in line, so that the bucket goes all the way down the line, over each person's head. The last person in line dumps what's left of the water into the empty bucket at the end of the line. The first team to fill the empty bucket wins.

Tunnel Relay

Each team stands in single file behind the starting line, with legs apart. When the whistle blows, the last person in the line drops to the ground and crawls "commando" style between his teams and legs to the front of the line. He then stands up and takes the place at the head of the line. The last person in line then repeats the process, crawling through the line and taking his or place at the front when he arrives. The race is won when an entire team has completed the course.

Do not Drop the Egg

What you will need:

    * Wooden Spoons * Eggs (raw or boiled, depending on how much mess you want to clean up!)

Team members line up single file behind the starting line. The first person in line places an egg on a wooden spoon, then races down to and goes around the marker, then back to the starting line. He or she must then transfer the egg, without using his hands, to the next player in line. That player repeats the process and the race continues until an entire team finishes the course. If a player drops his egg, he must return to the starting line before he can continue the race.

Three-legged Baseball / Kickball

What you will need:

    * Baseball and bat (or Soccer ball) * Baseball gloves * Bandanas or pantyhose legs

This is a fun game if you have a big group. Divide into teams and have each team member tie himself at the ankle and the knee to another team using bandanas or legs from pantyhose. Follow the rules of baseball, with one team being out on the field and the other "at bat". The outfield team pitches the ball, the first team at bat tries to hit the ball and then run the bases, while tied to another teammate. The outfield also has to be tied to a teammate. Play as many innings as is necessary to declare a winner, or until everyone has had enough. It can be an exhausting game! You can substitute the soccer ball if you do not want to swing a bat. The teams just kick the soccer ball and run the bases as they would with baseball rules.

And finally, if you need a nice sit down game that everyone can play, this one is it. It's fun and it's easy.

Ring on a String

What you will need:

    * Ring * Length of string long enough to encircle entire group of players

Place the ring on the string and tie the ends of the string together with a knot. All players sit down and form a circle, one chosen to be "it" stands in the middle of the circle. Each player takes hold of the string and moves their hands back and forth on the string as they are passing the ring from hand to hand, and from player to player. The person in the middle of the group watches as the players try to secretly pass the ring around the circle without the ring-watcher seeing where the ring really is. When the "it" person thinks he or she knows who is holding the ring, he shouts it out and points to the hand he thinks is holding the ring.

The player he chooses must reveal the chosen hand to show either or not they have the ring. If it is in the other hand, even though that person was chosen, they DO NOT have to reveal the HAND that was NOT chosen. If they are worn with the ring in the chosen hand, that player must relinquish his seat and be "it". The person who identified the ring holder gets to take the holders seat. It the guesser is wrong, he must remain it until he guesses correctly. Play until everyone gets tired of the game.

Well, there you have it. A great list of games to start your 4th of July gig off with a BANG! Hope the party is a BLAST! Okay, alright … you get it! (you get it, right? 4th of July? Firecrackers? Just checkin '.) Have a great Independence Day, and while you are playing, take a few minutes to remember how truly blessed we are to live in the "Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Okay, public service announcement over … Go Play !!!

Source by Geri Chase

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