Getting Paid to Play Video Games

How to get paid to play video games

If you have read my other articles you'll know that I tell you the true side on being a video game tester because I am tired of reading other articles where people lie through their teeth to sell you some scam guides that lie. This is a quote from another article on game testing "Video game testers get paid to sit at home and play video games". This is such a lie as stated in my other articles you are not allowed to talk about what you do at your job not even to your family.

You sign this contract that is the size of a dictionary in order to keep the company secrets safe so do you think they're really hand you a game that is not expected to come out for the next three years? No, they will not do this and you test the games at their testing centers. Remember that you MUST have a passion for gaming because this is a job that requires you to analyze games for several hours and if you get distracted or lose interest it could cost you your job.

I advise gamers if they are serious about getting a gaming career they should start early. Remember that you can start as young as 16 years old so start as early as possible. However, if you are older it's not too late! The best way to land a job in video games is to build a portfolio and I highly recommend getting short term video game related jobs even if it's working at gamestop. Anything that is relevant should go to your portfolio; did you win a gaming tournament? Put that in there!

It is very important to build up a strong portfolio that tells gaming companies why they should hire you. Remember that you will compete for this job and 8/10 times your competition will come in with a weak resume and might not even have a portfolio.

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