Game Console Reviews – PlayStation 3 – PS3 Pros and Cons!

So everyone has heard of the magnificent PlayStation 3 and its wonders. The PlayStation 3 has caused quite a stirring over the past couple years. How did this happen? Let's just take a look at the Ben Franklin close on this gaming system.

Let's list all the good out of this PlayStation 3:

1) First of all, all games are in high-definition.

2) You have the sleek design and operation.

3) Very easy user-friendly interface.

4) Best yet plays HD Blu-ray movies in addition to standard DVDs

5) It's got a built-in Wi-Fi and flash media reader for obvious internet play.

6) 60GB hard drive is available.

7) Lager size hard drive is also available.

8) You get free online pay.

9) Say no more to monthly costs

10) HDMI output with 1080p

11) Plays PS2 and PS1 games; back compatibility and is an awesome feature!

12) Awesome selection of PS3 Games!

Let's see what kind of downfalls the PS3 has:

I just do not see any!

I hope this article was helpful. I will probably get the PS3 but I will not be paying for it. I will be getting the free game console from a freebie website as I do with most other free electronics. I suggest you to do the same. As in getting the PlayStation 3 and not paying anything for it.

Anyways, to decide what free game consoles you should get, you should always look at the games it offers. Depending on the types of games you like, choose the console that specializes in that genre. You also have the nice Xbox 360 and the family fun Nintendo Wii.

Gook luck and have some fun!

Source by Michael J Giorgianni

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