Future of Online Games

The fact that Blizzard ever since they started back in the early 1990's, albeit under a different name then, has always delivered groundbreaking technology and astounding quality in a world where it has been demanded for an ever faster, and more topical world. Blizzard did something for the gaming community that no other before or since them have succeeded with – creating and bringing forth the gamer. There are now many thanks to Blizzard making it possible global events on a scale like the Olympics with mass audiences and contestants from all over the world battling for prizes. Most of these events pass you by without you realizing that next door you may have a world champion. If not so, you may be friends with several top 100 players, gamers and strategists in the world.

Gaming has now reached the point where it no longer has to ask permission like it did ten years ago when a competent of determined people had to ask if they could start classifying Computer Games as a sport. They had all the documents, even providing that most of the serious hardcore gamers had a heavier training session than most super athletes. They got a flat No. The "no" was issued so fast that everyone in the gaming world knew that whoever said it, never even bothered looking at the proposal. That man could today have been a legend, but like almost every single breakthrough that has happened on this planet, be it flight, be it computers, be it fire – have all turned down by the people "in charge of change".

Blizzard are once again demonstrating how far ahead of everyone else they are now that they decided to launch the very first cross game communication platform. That is, one that will be implemented on a large scale as gamers already solved that issue years ago with third party programs that allowed easy contact all over the world. In fact it was that technology that made way for companies like Skype.

What the future will reveal no one really knows, but we can guarantee you that it will start with someone being put in charge of bringing these changes telling someone the dreaded word: "No!"

Source by Jim Shepherd

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