Fun Workout Games

I've often wondered if there was a way I could do some fun workout games at home. Instead of going to a gym and wasting precious time driving, finding parking, etc. I just wanted to get a quick sweat going without the hassle. Not to mention the ridiculous gym costs and hidden fees. I've tried a few of the home workout DVD's and initially loved them. I got great results but eventually got tired of doing the same workouts over and over again. It was not long before I had each workout memorized and could practically recite the whole DVD. So I decided to try a few different workouts I found online.

· I looked at YouTube daily for a new workout

· I found online workouts of the day from various blogs

· I tried some small weights, bands, and other products

· I bought a treadmill

Well here's what I found about theses so called "fun workout exercises":

· YouTube videos were a pain in the butt because I'd often get 2 minutes into it before I found out it was some kook with poor video quality and even worse workouts.

· The online workouts of the day really did not provide much instruction.

· The bands and weights got really boring

· The treadmill made me feel like a hamster on the road to no-wheres-ville .

So I ended up doing what most people do. Nothing … Yep, I just got up and figured I'd get around to it at a later date. If I could not do fun workout games at home that did not leave me bored out my mind then I would just rebel against working out all together.

Well, that rebellious and somewhat lazy attitude came back to bite me this past summer. My family and I were invited on a trip to Hawaii and I of course would have to wear my bikini. Unfortunately, my bikini was not covering all of the areas that it was supposed to cover anymore. I knew I had been putting on a little weight over the past year, but it did not seem to show too much in my normal everyday clothes. So, I just brushed the issue aside. It became suddenly and horribly similar that I could not brush my big butt as any longer.

I began to renew my quest to find some fun workout games that would keep me motivated. That's when I found the coolest little workout games ever. Amazingly, the game only involves a standard deck of cards and my imagination. The results I got were incredible. So let me explain how the game works.

· Designate an exercise for each suit of card (ex. Hearts are Push-ups, Spades are Crunches, Clubs are Squats, and Diamonds are Chair Dips)

· Pick a wild card and an exercise for that card (ex. Aces are a run down the block and Jokers are a 1 minute rest)

· Shuffle the deck, put on some music, and begin the workout

What's so fantastic about this game is that it's never the same workout. I can regularly pick different exercises for different suits. And each time I shuffle the deck I get a completely new workout. My card deck has essentially become fitness cards. Depending on the exercises I pick, I'm usually done in 20-30 minutes. The best part is that I Do not even feel like I'm working out. I feel like a little kid playing a card game. Now if these are not the best workout games ever, I do not know what is. Oh and that bikini, I did have to throw it out … only to get a SMALLER one.

Since discovering this game I've found fitness experts who are custom making fitness cards just like this. The difference is their fitness cards also provide instruction on how to do the exercises. I now use my custom deck every morning and even take it with me when I travel.

Source by Sarah M. Jensen

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