Fun & Entertaining Baby Shower Games

What's more traditional than games at a baby shower? Baby shower games are a good way to provide entertainment. There are some traditional games that are played at most showers as well as games that maybe some of you have never played.

I'll be taking you through some oldies but goodies; some newer games and new takes on old games in order to spice up your shower!

A popular and easy one is the clothespin game. This goes on for the entire length of the baby shower. Upon arrival, each guest receives a clothespin that they must clip to their clothes. Once everyone arrives, the hostess explains the rules of the game. During the course of the shower, no one may cross his or her legs. If they do and are caught, the person who crossed their legs must give their clothespin to the person who has done them. At the end of the shower, the guest with the most clothespins wins and receives a small gift. Another variation of this game is no one is allowed to say the word "baby." You may also add your own variation of the game to make things fun!

The "Baby Guessing Game" is another old time favorite. Each guest is asked to bring a baby photo of themselves. As they arrive, each photo is attached to a board. Give each guest paper and pencil and have them figure out who is in each baby photo. After about ten minutes, the guest that matches the most pictures correctly wins.

"The String, Ribbon, or Toilet Paper Game" is a fun game for everyone. A roll of string, ribbon, or toilet paper (your choice) is passed around to each guest. The guest then cuts or tears off a length in which they think will fit around the expectant mother's belly. The guest who comes closet to guessing her girth without going over wins. As long as the mother is OK with it, the game is fun for everyone.

"Guess the Candy or Baby Food" is another game. The hostess places either jarred baby food or melted candy in a clean baby diaper. Each diaper is numbered and passed around to each guest. Guests then list on a sheet of paper what food they think is in the diaper. The guest with the most correct answers wins! This game is a riot! Another spin on this game is to leave the baby food in each jar, but cover or remove the label. Each guest then takes his or her own spoon and tastes the contents of each jar to see if they can correctly name what it is.

"Fastest Diaper Changer" is a fun game especially for the men. It's a race against each other as men attempt to change the baby's diaper in the shortest amount of time. Each man is given a baby doll dressed in a diaper. The man who can remove the baby's diaper and replace it with another correctly in the shortest amount of time wins this game. It's always entertaining to see which dad is most competent!

Another game, which is great for guests of certain generations, is taking a list of family sitcoms that were popular at the time of their adolescence. Each guest is given a pencil and numbered sheet of paper. Guests are then asked to name all the siblings in a variety of family sitcoms. The guest who names the most correct siblings in the allotted amount of time wins this game.

Finally a game that can be played at any party is "Who Am I?" Upon entering the party, guests are given the name of a famous entertainer, whether it be an actor, actress, singer, etc. that is written on a piece of paper and attached to their back. Through the entire shower, each guest must try to figure out who they are. They may only ask other guests "yes" or "no" questions about their identity. The guest who figures out who they are first wins!

These games are designed for fun and light hearted entertainment at your party or baby shower. Adding your own variation to the games can be a great way to tailor it to your specific theme.

And as always, have fun!

Source by Ashley Verzwyvelt

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