Free Kick Challenge

This game is of the best designs in the soccer games! If you like taking free kicks either on the real field or on your computer, this game gives you a great opportunity to enjoy curling the ball around the keeper. The different techniques of taking free kicks can be experienced quite well in this game.

How to play

This game is quite easy to play in early stages. That is because at the start, there are no player walls to block your shot. As you go on scoring, players form a wall, and if you hit the wall then your shot is blocked, therefore you can not score. That means you are out of the game. Following are the points which decide how the free-kick can be taken:

1. Direction: There is an arrow which oscillates left & right and points toward goal, whenever you click on SET button, it stops and the direction of your kick gets chosen.

2. Pitch: It is the angle from the ground at which the ball will be projected. It has a similar choosing style like the direction. The angle varies from 0 to 50 degrees.

3. Swerve: Swerve is the curl that you can provide to the shot. If you give deep swerve, it means your kick will curl more. You can choose the swerve by clicking the set button under it.

4. Power: It is the force with which you kick the ball. You can set it to any value ranging from low to full.

Tips & Tricks

1. Keep an habit of scoring in the top corner, so that it does not matter whether there is a wall or not.

2. Preferably choose full or nearly full power.

3. If you like curling those kicks, go for nearly full power.

4. Do not ever keep the ball low. Pitch it high. Near about at 35-40 degrees.

5. Score maximum free kicks in the same area. And be consistent so you do not lose.

6. If you have seen any David Beckham free kicks, try those as they are possible in this game. Also Roberto Carlos' free kick is not at all impossible.

Watch out for those old, black & white celebrations along with the mustached person who does nothing but just laughs at you efforts.

Source by Ishan Talathi

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