Family Fortunes Game Review

An outtake from the popular American TV show Family Feud is the British version called Family Fortunes. The latter has also become extremely popular and a board game with its name was produced.

The Family Fortunes Game is always a good hobby for the whole family. Any set of two, single players or teams, is how the game is played. A team can be composed of four or five players and one player answers once to every question. There is an electronic "uh-uh" buzzer for a wrong answer just like in the TV show. There is one dry wipe board, one pen, the instructions manual, and 150 question cards. Ideally, you should only allow players to be over 8 years of age to have general knowledge of the common questions that will be asked in the game.

You will have fun in playing this game and the excitement builds up with the three normal rounds called Single Money round, Double Money round, and the Big Money round. In case of a tie, there is also a Sudden Death round.

Family Fortunes Game builds harmony in the family as each member of the family learns to laugh at each other's mistakes and also provides a venue for sharing when team members gather around to steal the other team's possible wrong answer. This game also motivates and encourages team members to try their best. The competitive spirit is formed in this game with the teams pitting each other's general perceptions from universal issues like "name a popular figure what first name is George" or "what do people usually buy with one dollar?"

When there is a wrong answer, the electronic board sounds off a "uh-uh" sound that has been a trademark sound in the TV show, the Family Feud in USA and the Family Fortunes in Britain. It adds to the excitement as players feel that they are in the actual TV episode.

Nothing can go wrong with the Family Fortunes Game because anyone of the right age (preferably over 8 years old and above) would be very eager to be part of a team to play against another team. That is why cousins ​​can play with each other and have fun coping like two families protecting the prestige of winning the Big Money round. Of course, it is all about fun and real money is not involved.

Source by Rochelle Stenway

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