ESL Games – Heart, Gun, Bomb

The game that I will teach you how to play is called "Gun, BOMB, HEART."

– To play this game first you need to draw a large graph on the whiteboard / blackboard.

– On the far left boxes write the number 0 – 10 from the top box to the bottom box.

– On the top boxes write the Letters A – J (put the A in the box beside the 0).

Next, you will have to divide the class into two teams. Write one team on opposite ends of the board.


Team 1:Team 2:
Barry ***** – Henry *****
Smith ***** – Selena *****
Johnson ***** – Russ *****
Patty ***** – Paul *****
Sally ***** – Sandy *****
Tim ***** – Lucy *****
Mitch ***** – Cindy *****

As you can see I divided the class into two teams and I gave each student 5 hit points. When the teams are set and the grid is ready to go you are ready to begin the game.

First ask every student in the class a question: "What is your favorite food?" – Let every student answer the question. After all of the students have answered the question you can let one person from each team pick a box on the grid.

For example: B7, A2, D5, G1 (They can pick any box inside the grid as long as you have made the grid big enough.

When the student picks his / her box you (the teacher) will then have the choice of giving him / her a GUN / a BOMB / or a HEART.

If the student gets a Gun he can shoot one of the other students and it will minus one of their hit points.

If the student gets a BOMB it will blow up one of that students hit points.

If the student gets a HEART he / she will get one more hit point.

The game is over when one team manages to make the other team have zero hit points left.

Source by Matthew X. Ferguson

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