Electric Box 2 – Is It The Best Puzzle Game?

Puzzle flash titles come in different categories and types and also in different shapes and sizes. For instance, Wake Up The Box is a stimulating puzzle game. In this game, you need to wake up all the objects by using a range of actions.

Another spot for exploring mind games is through free games sites, where you can enjoy these games on this portal for free. However, some puzzle games have physical abilities and some do not, but most of them bring joy and challenge to your computer.

Electric Box 2 online game is a neat brainteaser that really makes you think, and it also makes you use all of the intriguing elements the game includes. Your task is to power up a certain area by using a circuit that can involve any form of power from hydro electricity to solar, and they all work in various ways. It's really a ton of fun to work your way through the puzzles, and they get to be so challenging that you get a feeling of satisfaction from finally figuring them out. You have tools that you can lay onto the map, but you also have elements fixed in place that you can only move with the special roller, which adds yet another layer of depth to this tricky little puzzler.

The fact that it's all based on different kinds of electricity make it feel smart, and the game will have you feeling like a regular Tesla as you deal with the gradually tougher challenges it dishes out.

Everything has to be in just the exact place, and usually the pieces have a logical use and placement, but because of the difficultly it can be frustrating. Thankfully there are hints to help you along each level. And it never gets so gallingly hard that you want to quit, maybe just take a little break for brain to relax.

After all games should not burn your mind out, but I myself love a game that makes me think and as you advance through this one if you're not using your noodle you'll be giving up. A foolish move, because just a bit of logic can get you through the Electric Box 2, and you'll be missing out on a near faultless puzzler.

I give Electric box 2 an enlightening 4.5 Bgames.com stars out of 5, which makes it one of the most popular puzzle free games on the web today.

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