Easy Games For Old People to Keep Their Minds Young and Their Bodies Fit

Games for Elderly People

Our loved ones, as they get older, need to keep their mind active to make them still feel at their youngest. Having them just lie around all day in their bed or sit in front of the fireplace just makes them feel older and neglected.

There are games for older people that they can play by themselves or with you, so that they have something to get excited over each day and to keep their minds working and fresh.

One of these games is the ever popular crossword puzzles. These puzzles have been around since forever, and for good reason. They keep the mind thinking and remembering, a mental exercise that digs deep into knowledge and memories. For the elderly, that's a huge bank of knowledge and memory that they have.

You can give them this chance to put these experiences to the test with the crossword puzzles you can find in your daily paper, compiled in books, or even downloaded off of the internet. You can even pick out the crossword puzzles for them yourself, with downloadable ones on the internet covering various topics – and one of these topics are bound to be a good one for your elderly loved one.

Board games are also good games for elderly people. Of course, complicated ones with 12-sided dice and 5 piles of cards are out of the question. Simple ones such as chess, checkers, and dominoes are good enough to keep them thinking and active. A new one that is very popular and one of the fun games for elderly is Bananagrams (see below).

These games give them the chance to think analytically, keeping their minds young and fresh through understanding the situations that they are in and thinking of their best move. Even board games for children are sure to get a kick out of them, as they would enjoy the simplicity and candidness of playing such games. These games also give them a chance to socialize with the other members of the family, making them feel part of the family and not as outcasts that are burdens to the family.

You can even get together an Olympic games for older people, if you know of a lot in your neighborhood. It does not have to be major, just a small get together on the weekend would do.

The games could consist of simple actions such as ring throwing and baseball catching. Though they are simple, these games would do wonders to keep the bodies of your older loved ones active. Their blood would be pumping and their joints would not stiffen up from being in a chair or sitting around all day.

The different families in the neighborhood can sponsor it, each bringing something for a good old fashioned barbecue in somebody's backyard, while giving the elderly a chance to shine and feel part of the society.

Games for older people do not have to be complicated. They are supposedly to be easy, stress-free, and most importantly, fun. They would certainly appreciate them if you teach them these games. The golden age of their lives will surely be happier when playing these games. Encourage the grandchildren to play games with their grandparents. They both will benefit from the experience.

Source by Jackie Beem

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