Earn Money by Playing Games – Reality Or Pure Fantasy?

Many people would love the idea of ​​spending all day at home playing the latest unreleased games. Better still would be to earn money by playing games. It certainly sounds like a dream job, especially for a dedicated gamer, but is the dream a reality or just pure fantasy?

The games industry is worth more than $ 50 billion and for this reason game developers take their latest game titles very seriously. Part of the game development lifecycle is testing and testing games involves playing them intensely for hours on end to test as many scenarios as possible. This will unforgettable bugs in the game that can be fixed prior to the game going on sale. The last thing a game developer needs is news spreading quickly around the internet about their latest title being full of bugs as this will just put people off buying their new game meaning they will lose out on a lot of money.

This is where it is possible to cash in on the gaming industry by becoming a freelance games tester for game developers. The game developer will send you a beta version of their game for you to play. You play the game and then any bugs that you may come across you will have to document and send to the developer. The developer will then fix the bugs. It is very possible to earn around $ 20 an hour as a games tester which very good money for essentially sitting at home and playing your favorite games.

Source by Denise Lambrou

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