E3, Video Games And The Forecast Of DOOM!

It's the 80s. (ok, its not, but bear with me) Atari is king and new games flood the market. The desire to profit outweighs the desire to create a quality product. Soon after, the home game system industry collapses. It took a company from Japan to redefine gaming and bring it back from the dead.

Now we see similarities in the current gaming industry. In their attempts to be the best company, they shell out hundreds of lackluster titles in the hope of a quick profit. They are the self inflicted cancer of the gaming industry.

I have made a special comic titled, E3 08 '. A scathing satirical review of these years dismantle display of the game industry. It can be found in the comics section of the guild of meh website. [http://www.guildofmeh.com] In this comic I also have a main story that deals with the modern console wars and goes beyond the simple strips commonly accepted and produced by most webcomic creators.

My hope is that the game designers, not the developers will restore our faith in the games they create. If the designers will remain true to the gamers and themselves, the industry as a whole just might make it.

For I do see hope in excellent titles and in Nintendo as it keeps true to its goal of constantly reinventing games rather than just making and marketing them.

We will not just participate in the console wars, we will escalate it. We will conquer it.

Source by Daniel Higa

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