Dressy Woman: Free Dress Up Game

Although I did worry that the eyes of this dress up model might turn up me and draw the soul out of my body whilst I decided what eyeshadow looked best on her, this is a dress up / make up game worth the time you'll spend playing it – unless you're a child, in which case this game is likely to make you feel inadequate as a human being.

The issues I take with Dressy Woman do not relate to the game play or the execution of the dress up system. Both are done fairly well for games in this genre. The clothing simply requires that you click on it to put it on, and the make up system is very simple indeed. There are icons for things like hair, eye color, eye lashes, mascara, etc, etc, and you simply click the icon repeatedly until you find a style you like. It's an approach that greatly simplifies the interface and makes the game very simple to play.

The game itself also boasts something of a story line. You are a participant on a fashion show and you must dress for a range of scenarios. It's a nice promise, and one they could have taken further and sometimes will in future editions.

However, that's where the fairytale ends. In the first round, you are challenged to dress up to impress a date, but warned not to be vulgar or too modest. It's like the 1950's all over again! If you manage to impress your date, he gives you flowers and a message pops up announcing 'Congratulations, He's impressed by your beauty!' If you fail, you get this lovely missive. 'Unfortunately, the clothes you've chosen put the boy off making the acquaintance of you. Try again. ' Ha! Take that people who say that beauty is on the inside! Boys will only talk to you if you impress them!

The messages contained in this game are wild misogynistic, even for fashion games, which often tend to the inane in the first place. For example, in the second round, you must dress up for a pool party, at which the game informs us, 'Your clothes must help you attract attention and make the acquaintance of all the boys at the party'. Without our dress up doll is searching for a prime mate to continue the species, this message seems a little heavy.

Fortunately however, failing to appeal to all the boys purely results in a message of 'Your clothing is not appropriate,' or something similar, not the 'No boys wanted to talk to you – go take more clothes off until you are acceptable to them '.

Even if you do not care that the game Promotes the idea that women only dress up to impress men, like other fashion games with storyline and levels, the game looks to end prematurely, after only three rounds, and similarly to other fashion games' Hollywood Style Maker ', I'm looking at you, the last round is by far the easiest.

In summary, I suppose this game is fine if you want a slick, short dress up game. If you take objection to the idea that women only dress to please men however, I'd give this game a miss. It would have been so easy to make a game like this without the frequent woman slamming, one can only assume that the writers are stuck in a time warp somewhere and probably need help escaping.

Source by Shin Son

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