Dora Games Promise Fun For Your Child

If you are looking for a fun and wholesome way to spend some time with your child, then you should consider playing Dora games with them. There are a lot of different Dora games that are available online to entertain and education your children.

Dora is a favorite character of children from all over because of her plucky can do attitude, her independence, and her ability to solve problems. Now, you can spend time online with this fabulous role model for children.

You can either play the games online with your child, or you can let them play alone. You can be assured that when they are playing Dora games, that there will be no objectionable materials whatsoever that they will run into. Dora was created with young children in mind, and unlike a lot of other cartoon characters out there, she is completely wholesome and age specific.

If your child likes Dora, then there are a lot of different types of games for them to choose from. Many of the games are based on different adventures that Dora can have, and take place in all kinds of settings. They use the promise that Dora is an explorer, and she is exploring new places in these adventures. These types of Dora games allow the child to manipulate the characters and move them around the screen while they are looking for different items they will need to help them on their quests. As in the television show, there may be certain words that Dora speaks in Spanish which will help children learn a few foreign words while they are being entertained by the game.

There are other types of Dora games and activities that children can play online as well. There are a lot of dress up games that feature Dora and the other characters from Dora the Explorer like Diego and Boots. These dress up games allow children to change outfits on the characters depending upon their tastes and the situation that they want to dress the characters for. They can add different accessories, which helps to develop critical thinking skills in children. These games are also great for developing fine motor skills in young children as they move the mouse around, and drag outfits onto the characters.

Similar types of activities that children love are the coloring books that are available in the Dora games. In these activities, children are presented with a page containing a black and white sketch of a scene from a Dora story. They can manipulate the mouse to color in the different areas of the picture using tools on their computers.

Dora is a beloved character for good reason. She entertains and educates children and gives them the confidence that they can do anything they set their minds to. Playing these online Dora games with your children is a great way to extend their Dora experience, and to increase their critical thinking and fine motor skills. They may even learn a little Spanish along the way. You should explore these games with your child today!

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