Dog Games

Dog games are vital to bond with your dog.

One of the most popular games is to have an obstacle course. This does not have to cost a great deal of money and is one of the best games you can play with your pet. You can use an empty cardboard box, an old tyre, in fact anything that will keep your dog mentally stimulated. He / She will love running through or over or beside these "obstacles".

To start this game use food or scent as a lure, then progress to the point where you save the food reward until the end.

Of course all pet games depend on the type of pet you have.

You can of course take your dog for long walks and playing fetch. By fulfilling your dogs day with play you will open up a better communication between the two of you.

Playing with your dog means that your dog learns how to show tolerance, friendship, lack of aggression and willingness to co-operate. – These aspects of a good future relationship with humans.

Tug of War is also been classed as an excellent game. However some people do say that by playing tug of war with your dog it could mean the dog can engage in a contest of strength and of course if you have for example a bull dog this would be very unwise

I will be expanding on this vital area of ​​dog games later in my blogs with reference to particular types of dogs and the best dog games for that particular breed.

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