Creative Games for Kids: Keeping Them Entertaining

There will be instances wherein it is raining outside and you do not have any idea what your kids will be doing the whole day. Since there is very little space inside the house, certainly they will not be able to play football or any other street games. Aside from this, the kids are getting bored from watching TV and from playing online games. If you're currently in this kind of situation, all you are required to do is make sure that the kids are entertained by embellishing on the following creative games for kids:

A. Do you want your child to act as a magician even for just a day? Imagine how pleasurable it would be for him to learn something that is incredible while playing these creative games for kids. Doing this is actually very easy and all you need would be the following creative materials to start with your games for the kids.

• Food Coloring

• Paint Brush (Preferably a small one)

• Coffee Filters

• First step – Mix the food coloring with water while making sure that the colors remain bright.

• Second Step – Give your child the water so that he can make drops of the water on the coffee filter and give him the chance to use his imagination.

By doing this, you will be amazed by all the beautiful abstractions that you will be able to create. You can use as many colors as you want.

B. Another creative game that you can encourage your child to do is called the 'potato prints'. This activity actually offers an opportunity for your kid to practice drawing.

1. Using a knife (pencil for your child), take a few potatoes from your kitchen and cut different ornaments and images on them.
2. After you have all your pieces together, place the cut outs into a thin layer of paint and press it onto the paper.
3. Have you child do this to all the cut outs that you've made so that his imagination would start working.

By doing the following creative games for kids, you are actually socializing with your child while making sure that he is learning something and having fun at the same time. The two examples are just a few games that you can play with your child. Try to research more on other creative games for kids that you can use. Even if it's not raining and you can let your child play outside, it is still advisable to create something creative. This is because it's a good opportunity to educate your kid by offering him something new and interesting.

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