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Every time you eat out, you notice the quality of the service you've received. If your waitress is excellent, you leave an especially large tip. If your service is poor, the tip suffers. It makes one think that waitressing might just be a great opportunity for making some extra cash this summer. But watching someone else work the room taking orders and delivering drinks is certainly not the same as doing it yourself. Would you be a good waitress? Only you know for sure.

Are you friendly? Nobody likes a moody, dark girl delivering their food. If you sneer and whine at the customers they might wonder just how competent you are at your job. They may even wonder if you've done something nasty to their order. You do not have to become Little Miss Ray of Sunshine, but the friendlier you are, the more likely customers will be pleased with your service.

If you're friendly, you'll also get along better with everyone around you. Normally this might not be a big deal in your little world, but you often wind up sharing sections or needing help when waiting tables. If everyone hates you because you're so rude or standoffish, they will not be running to help you bring over heaping trays when you're under the gun.

Do you know the basics? Naturally any restaurant will want things done in a certain way, but you should know the basics of food service and waiting tables before you step in the door to apply. If you are pretty clueless as to how to serve tables with food and drinks, you can learn the routes and practice your memory skills by playing waitress games online.

Waitress games can show you just how intense waiting tables can be and just what you have to go through sometimes for those tips. You'll also have a chance to experience time crunches and complex orders that have to be delivered just so. It can be grueling work, but it also has some financial gain if done really well.

Do you like people? You can be the friendliest person in the world, but if you can not stand people who are not in your circle of friends or you do not deal well with rude or insensitive individuals, working this close to the public probably not right for you. We would hope that everyone would be pleasant to the help, but we know this is not the case.

Some people will be flat out rude and others will expect service that is simply beyond a normal human's ability. And through it all you have to smile, be courteous and pretend like everything is going swimmingly – even when you've really like to dump a pitcher of ice water in someone's lap. Can you handle yourself when the going gets rough? Hopefully you'll never have to really find out.

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