Computer Games For Girls

One of the most captivating games for girls, which are now available on the stores, is the Nancy Drew Captive Curse game for both PC and Mac. The success of any game is a great storyline, one which can immediately engross the imagination and the attention of the players, in this case the young girls. The Captive Curse opens with a story which says about an unspeakable horror, a monstrous creature that terrorizes the German forest surrounding Castle Finster. When the monster claims a victim, it disappears. The locals say that each time this monstrous creature reappears; it evidently means that it is the turn of another person. The player has to absorb the role of a teen detective and unlock the thrilling mysteries of this creature and find out the truth behind the truth and the myth.

The details are absolutely stunning and the Bavarian castle and the surroundings are so beautifully captured that the imagination of the young mind playing the game is immediately captivated. The game has been critically acclaimed and has become hugely popular among young girls.

The Powerpuff Girls Game: Saving the World before Bedtime is another popular role-playing games that describes reason because of the imminence popularity they have been. Designed for girls over 8 years age, this game which can be played by 2 to 4 players involves a paying and strategy game with a bit of luck mixed which allows even the winner of the players to win at times.

The game board is 30 "by 20" and has various of the landmarks of Townsville that are shown on the TV program including the toy store, the Oaks school and also the hideout of Mojo Jojo. There is a set of 31 tiles that is used in the game which is placed face down to start the game. Each player is dealt a set of 5 cards from a deck of 54 and then the cards are revealed to start the game. Each card has a move and the player hiding the car will move her character according to the details give in the card. Some cards have the power to move all the characters together. Each player will when confronted with a tile on a space where she is, has to deal with it. The objective of the game is to win four villain tiles. Once a girl has that, she wins and the game is over.

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