An Overview to the Game Might and Magic: Heroes Kingdoms


Ubisoft's Might and Magic, Heroes Kingdoms (MMHK) is an on-line strategy game where you can issue orders, in real-time, to heroes and towns across a series of servers.

MMHK effectively fills a niche that is somewhere between casual gaming and time-hungry real-time strategy games. Think Tribal Wars or Grepolis without having to set your alarm to wake you up in the middle of the night to dodge an attack.

To a long term build-and-kill veteran (Command and Conquer, Populous, Settlers, Civilization) it was heaven sent. Having been terminated with divorce after playing a season of Tribal Wars (setting an alarm to wake me up in the middle of the night, "just popping out" of parties, bolting down food and rushing from the dinner table, disappearing during films) it was with some trepidation and a great sense of guilt that I started a new game.

MMHK allows you to put as much time as you like into the game (or as little), without sacrificing real life and relationships. You can stretch or shrink the time for many actions to suit when you are going to log in next. There's even a built in "night time" where attacks on players cease and arms camp for the night. (23: 00-09: 00)

There is the ability to set a helper as well, to co-run your kingdom for you for those times when you absolutely have to "step away from the laptop!"

Without a doubt, Might and Magic: Heroes Kingdoms saved my marriage!

Winning the game

There are several ways to win the game.

The main one is to be a member of the winning alliance in "The War for Tears". This is cooked out between clans for control of the "Tears of Asha". The first alliance to build 13 grail structures to hold 13 tears, and hold them for 14 days, ends the game and are declared the winners. When this happens a new season starts.

You may wish not to take part in the war, although it is hard to avoid and the war is still likely to affect your hero's kingdoms as alliances fight each other for control.

Instead of (or as well as) concentrating on this, you can try to achieve the top position on the leader board in one of the three ranking systems:

  • Domination

Domination is a measure of your might. It is a combination of the might of your armies and the might of your buildings.

  • Wealth

Wealth is a measure of your source production, counted from the start of the game.

  • Honor

Honor is a measure of the experience your hero has gained in the course of battling Non-Player and Player armies.

Seasons and Servers

How well you do in the season you are currently playing affects the bonus you get for the next season. Even if you are doing poorly in a server you are currently playing, it is worth persevering as a means of gaining a legacy, learning the game or as a method of making allies for the next server. You are not, however, limited to only playing only one server. You can log into another server from the list of available worlds on the home page. If you choose to play on more than one server you will have to create a new profile, start a new town with a new hero and build up that new hero's kingdoms.

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