9 Best Racing Games for the Super Nintendo System

Super Off Road: The Baja Challenge: off-road world champion Ivan Stewart on rough terrain courses modeled after actual races! Hurry through pit stops for gas and minor repairs on eight different tracks or you're toast!

Dirt Trax FX: Choose from eight unique riders, four bikes and four difficulty levels to master any or all of the 22 extreme dirt tracks. Multiplayer lets you teach your friends who's king!

Stunt Race FX: Choices include a Formula racer, monster truck, subcompact car and a motorcycle! You choose the weapon to battle through the 20 unique tracks and sharpen your skills on the Speed ​​Trax!

Radical Psycho Machine Racing: Terrains include pavement, dirt, ice and flat or bumpy tracks with three different customized vehicles to choose from. Cars can be armed with oil, nitro, and mines to make them more brutal and help you level up your tires, shocks, engines and armor!

Exertainment Mountain Bike Rally: Ride on through the Life Fitness Challenge on a modified version of the Cannondale cup on any of eight customized mountain bikes. You can knock out rivals with a well timed punch while gaining points and finishing laps to advance.

Uniracers: What could be better than a racing game with customizable unicycles? Being able to play with up to seven of your friends! Tracks are colorful and unique with obstacles that help you pull off wicked stunts at top speeds!

Hyper Zone: Take your space racer to hyper-speed while battling your way across the desolate terrain of an asteroid! Keep your finger on the trigger as you shoot down opponents against an awesome 3D background!

Battle Cars: This game helps you hone in on suppressed road rage with 32 intense courses to beat your opponents off of! Go head to head with a friend and use any one of the many ridiculously awesome weapons to help you take back your road!

Super Mario Kart: Always leave the best for last. Make use of any of your favoite players including Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, Bowser and Donkey Kong Jr. to knock opponents off the road with items and awesome skill! There are four cups to be battled for and a two player balloon battle mode on many wondrous tracks!

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