7 Great Halloween Games For Your Next Halloween Party

Planning a Halloween party can be lots of fun. However, many people struggle to come up with some great Halloween games that will keep your guests entertained. Here are some ideas for some great Halloween games that you can use at your next Halloween Party.

1. Have an apple bobbing contest. Although not exclusively a Halloween activity, this game can be lots of fun. In order to avoid too large of a mess, you should do this activity either outside or in a very large room and have plenty of towels nearby if at all possible. You can offer prizes for the person who gets the most apples in the least amount of time, or you can throw in some oranges as well for variety.

2. Run a leaf raking contest. This activity works well in the evening and in a neighborhood with a lot of trees. The idea with this game is that you divide into groups and each group takes some rakes and garbage bags and races to see how many yards they can rake up in the least amount of time, and without being taken by the home owner.

3. A pumpkin carving contest. All you need for this game is some pumpkins, ideally smaller ones, some newspaper and some knives. You can either time it or judge based on creativity and who pumpkin looks the best.

4. Similar to number 3, you can also do a pumpkin painting contest. For this one you will need some paints, probably water based if you want to avoid staining and a big mess, and of course, newspapers and pumpkins and some artist capes or aprons.

5. Skeletons and Goblins. For this game you divide into two teams. One team are the skeletons and the other team are the goblins. You then hide a Halloween themed flag somewhere and the rest of the game is played just like capture the flag only with a seasonal theme.

6. Witches' brew. This scary but funny game is played by giving each person a plastic or paper witches' pot and then each person has ten minutes to decide what to put into the brew. You can either have props that they use or they can just draw items to include. They then take turns explaining what is inside the brew and the person with the funniest or scariest story wins.

7. Make a Halloween craft. For this you can either decorate paper pumpkins, a Halloween themed wreath, a paper ghost or any other kind of craft project.

Hosting a Halloween party with one or more of these activities is sure to please. You can also play around with these games and develop your own combination games or try variations of the games for even more fun.

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