5 Great Games and 5 Terrible Games for Your Mobile Phone

There are thousands of games out there available for download. Some games are great and will keep you entertained while others will make you feel like disposing of your phone as though it has the Black Death. This article should save you some time browsing bias review sites and downloading games you'll never play.

The Hotness

These are the games that you need to get on your phone. Each one is guaranteed to keep you entertained wherever you are.


KaGlom is such a great game that it's only a matter of time until it has a cult following. The game is similar to Tetris and Bejeweled but it follows a slightly more action packed format. Blocks are destroyed with a sound that could easily be described as "KAGLOM!"

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Overall, IQ is a cut above the rest – at least in the puzzle / intelligence challenge department. It's challenging enough to rope in the serious puzzle gamer while still containing enough frantic action to entertain the casual fan. IQ is a straight port of the original, so no dice on any extra game modes.

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Alpha Wing 2

If you're looking for a quality game to play on the move, you will often find that Glu do it best, especially with their proprietary brands – things like Fatal Force, Zuma and the like. Not surprising, then, that the trend is expanding into the brave new world of mobile 3D gaming, which is currently underrepresented by most developers. Glu, however, have managed to deliver a near Game Boy Advance experience with Alpha Wing 2.

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Jewel Quest

Jewel Quest deviates slightly from the standard Tetris format. The goal in Jewel Quest is to turn all the squares red rather than eliminate them. This may seem like a small difference but it fundamentally changes the gameplay. The variation adds a more strategic aspect to this simple puzzle game by making where you make your connection more important then simply just making connections.

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Block Breaker Deluxe

Block Breaker Deluxe is basically Pong on drugs. Your goal is to use the ball – along with an explosive array of weapons and power-ups – to destroy many, many blocks. I'm sure we all know this style of game, but what separates Block Breaker Deluxe from its cheaper cousins ​​is the attention to detail and general mayhem Gameloft is willing to pump into this futuristic throw back. In an industry polluted with big budget movie tie-ins and overly complex controls, it's refreshing to see such a simple, yet well done game

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The Whackness

There are a lot of terrible games available for download. In fact, the majority of mobile games are not worth your time / money. This is a list of some of those games.

War of the Worlds

War of the Worlds is a 2D side-scrolling shooter, with a very clean and distinct visual style. The game tries to create some variety with the use of different types of attacks; you can shoot 'em down, use your' everything-dies' super attack, or my personal favorite: the grab and toss. Although having these multiple attacks does add variety, it crams your fingers all in one small area that makes for a horribly awkward game.

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King Kong

You're basically a great monkey running through the jungle, busting dino skulls with your ape-rage. Like the film, King Kong is visually impressive, but in both cases the content just is not up to par. I may get some flack about putting this game in the whackness column when there seems to be so many descripting contestants, but I stand by my convictions. Nothing is worse than knowing a project had a huge budget and great production team only to turn out a mediocre product.

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D12 Fighting

This is usually where I tell you a little bit about how to play the game and what it offers, and I wish I could. I honestly would if I could, but I have not got the slightest clue how to play the thing. I tried reading the instructions and it became similar that I was going nowhere without a Rosetta stone, so I pressed play riding I could pick it up as I went along. I pressed each button individually. I pressed them in patterns. And historically I was just givin '' er on the keypad like I was Data of the Star Trek Enterprise. All in all probably the worst game I've ever played.

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The game goes like this: read for an hour, play a minigame and repeat. Some of the minigames are alright, but for the most part I'd rather stick a flaming chopstick in my eyes. One of the minigames involves maneuvering Bauer though what looks like a bird's eye view of a bad acid trip. If you get spotted by one of the guards, your options are to dodge or shoot what looks like a corn kernel. Another minigame involves driving from point A to B without hitting the cars around you. This minigame is so easy that I play it while actually driving. This is a terrible game for a great show.

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Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

Prince of Persia's frustrating gameplay and whack 'plot' create a pretty disparate view of ancient Persia. The game contains lots of beautiful women in the game which the prince decides to constantly avoid for no apparent reason. Also, the game is incredibly difficult; almost too difficult. I played this game for about an hour before I decided to throw my cellular phone into the garbage.

That is why I have to end the article here.

All of these reviews are taken from quicklybored.com

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