5 Fun Free Flash Games With Simple Controls

Many modern games have complicated and often confusing controls control systems with multiple buttons. If you are daunted by modern games because of this then you need not worry there are games out there for you to play. Here is a list of 5 fun free flash games with simple controls that even the most novice game players can enjoy.

1: One Button Bob

With graphics reminiscent of the Commodore 64, this game does not hide its influence from the classic gaming machine by having its loading screen at the start. This is a simple platform game where you need to avoid nasty traps, boomerang bloodthirsty bats and leap over lava pits, all with a single button!

That button is your left mouse button. The game counts how many clicks it takes you to help Bob find the treasure with the person completing the game in the least number of clicks being top of the leader-boards. With each level having a new control system you have to figure out what your one button does and how to complete the level.

Do not worry about dieing though as the game wont punish you for mistakes, you only use up more clicks and then appear further down the score-board. The game has gorgeous pixel graphics with a fun rock music track that will keep you compelled until you complete it.

2: Bimmin

You need to Help Bimmin escape from a hungry dinosaur by jumping over mushrooms, hills and other obstacles while collecting power ups to increase Bimmin's speed as he runs for his life. By collecting the chicken legs to increase your multiplier and the apples for bonus points you can increase the points you collect and rise up that leader-board.

Its a simple game which again uses only one button, and that button is the space bar. You press it to jump over the obstacles and to collect the objects. A Hugely addictive It has beautiful pixel graphics and a nice suitable music track.

3: Rotato

A simple puzzle game where you need to match the blocks but with a twist. It has two modes, In puzzle mode, you need to rotate the board to match up the colors and progress through all 50 levels. In endless mode, you rotate the board then click the blocks much in the same way that connect 3 games work. All you do to control this game is press the left mouse button on the icons and the blocks within endless mode.

There is a helper on screen at all times who willfully tell you how to play and bounces about the screen with joy when you are successful. The graphics are pixel graphics and the music is quite enjoyable but if you feel the need you can turn it off.

4: Chain Connect

A fun and relaxing chain reaction game. You click on the white dot and it pops launching particles that you guide to the dots in the layer bellow by moving your mouse so they in turn pop more particles, and so on. Although the game play is simple you will soon find yourself immersed within the game losing hours while you try to move from one layer to the next. It has the perfect learning curve for novice gamers. The graphics are simple yet effective for this game and the music adds to the relaxing nature of the game.

5: Blosics

Physics are cool, especially when used to destroy things! In Blosics you shoot your ball at the green blocks to hit them off the screen, but you need to leave the red blocks on the screen. You get points for each green block you knock off the screen but lost points for each red block that falls.

The controls are amazingly simple. You place your mouse inside the green circle and press your left mouse button, then drag the mouse in the opposite direction from where you wish to fire the ball. The longer you hold your left mouse button the larger the ball becomes. It may be tempting to create a huge ball to fire at the structure but the larger the ball becomes the more points it costs to create.

There are also different types of platforms to fire the ball against to complete the puzzles. Watch out for the blocks on ice as they are liable to slide off. The graphics of the game are very clear and there is great enjoyment and satisfaction in knocking down some of the intrinsic structures in each level. The only downside to the game is that there are only 10 levels, hopefully in the near future Blosics2 will be released!

I hope you enjoy these flash games and in future look at more games without fearing their controls.

Source by Scott T Swan

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