4 Game Testing Myths Revealed

For avid video and computer game lovers out there, the thought of getting paid to play and test out new games makes you drool. You always hear about some guy on the Internet who makes over $ 100,000 a year, just testing video games at home, hanging out in his sweat pants and eating pizza all the time. You want that job, right? Well, the truth is, most of the stuff on the Internet about video and computer game testing just is not true. So, here are 4 of the main game testing myths revealed to help you get a better grasp on the reality of becoming a video or computer game tester.

1. They do not get to simply play the newest video games and then tell the company or developers what they think. It is actually the game developers who decide what a good game consists of, and then hires testers to find the glitches and bugs in the game.

2. They do not get to work 10-20 hours a week and pull in over one-hundred grand a year. This simply does not happen. In fact, right before games are released, you will find yourself working 70-80 hours a week to complete all the tests you are assigned and the average income of most game testers is around $ 35,000 a year.

3. They do not get to just hang out at home and work whenever they want to. Most of the basis behind being a game tester is to work as a team, and you can not do that if you are not sitting there with other testers and the developers. Game testers actually have to be at work at a specific time and have a set schedule.

4. They are not just lazy, high school drop outs who only want to play video or computer games. Actually, game testers have to have a lot of education in gaming, graphics, and other areas plus experience to even land a good paying game testing job.

Now that these top four game testing job myths are out of the way, are you still ready to learn how to become a video or computer game tester? There are good jobs out there in this field, and you can make a decent living at it, as some of the top game testers actually make up of $ 60 an hour.

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Source by Mandi Weems

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