Wild Money – The Real Way to Pick 5-35

The state of Rhode Island has a progressive jackpot game called Wild Money. This is a popular lottery game because of its two features – the rolling jackpot and the extra ball. With a starting jackpot of $ 20,000, it can progressively increase until it's won. The highest it's been was at $ 601,206 in March of 2006.

Wild Money play card has 5 boards costing $ 1 each to play. You can maximize all play boards on one card. Five numbers are to be chosen from 1 to 35. You can either choose the numbers yourself or have Quick Pick choose for you. Having all your five numbers drawn will win you the jackpot. But if you were not to get all 5 numbers, you still have a chance with extra ball. This is an extra draw from the remaining 30 numbers. A winning extra ball draw correspondents to a secondary prize. This allows you to have six chances of winning. Winning combination is drawn live on WPRI-TV every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 7:29 PM. Bets can be placed up to 5 minutes prior to the draw and 5 minutes after.

When betting on Wild Money, make sure to bet on more than 5 groups of numbers. And always bet on scientific combinations rather than on whim. There are numbers that you need to avoid when playing this lottery game. Stay away from combinations that have already won before; consecutive numbers (1 2 3 4 5 or 2 4 6 8 10); single number group (all single digits, 20's or 30's); patterns (straight or cross pattern appearing on the card); multiples (3 6 9 12 15) and same last digits (1 11 21 31). This is for the obvious reason that these combinations are less likely to be drawn. In fact the probability of them winning is less than 1%.

As much as possible, avoid employing Quick Picks as it will just give you random combination. If you really want to win this game, make an effort to analyze the previous winning combinations and do not just play on significant numbers like birthdays, ages of family members and the like. A well-balanced combination is also more likely to win. Choose a right mix of odd and even numbers, as well as high and low. Following the sum advice is also makes good sense. The sum of your chosen combination should be between 66 and 112. This will give you 70 percent probability of winning.

Playing the Rhode Island Wild Money gives you better odds of winning with 1 in 324,632. Add to that the odds of winning the extra ball. No other lottery game can offer the same opportunities of winning. The revenue from lottery sales is used by the State of Rhode Island to fund various public services, from education to health care. What better way to spend money than to play a lottery game that would benefit your fellow citizen and, at the same time, may win you a good amount for prize.

Source by Chris S Malcolm

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