Wii Bundle Games – How To Pick The Best Wii Games

Games have really come a long way. I remember when I used to play Mario and Duck Hunt on NES. In those days any game was fun. Did not really matter what the graphics looked like, what type of music it had, or even the fact that you could only do so much with 2 buttons. But these days' gamers have gotten way more sophisticated and require much more from gaming companies.

Fast forwarding to the present age, we see the Nintendo Wii bundle really taking the market by storm. From personal experience I believe this is due to the interactivity that other consoles do not provide. It is much more fun to swing the bat on a Wii baseball game, than to press a button on a XBox.

In saying that I have compiled a simple categorical list that you can go through when looking for the best games to go with your Wii bundle.

1. Graphics. This is what you must look at the entire time you play. Games these days are 3-D, but sometimes because of the added features and lack of computational resources, the graphics can take a hit. So pay close attention to actual game play shots and videos. Do not rely on screen shots and trailers alone, because these are more graphically appealing for marketing purposes. Try the game out at places like GameStop, Wal-Mart, or other places to see what actual game play graphics looks like.

2. Gameplay. This is almost the most important aspect in which you must judge your potential games. It's been many times I have wanted to play a certain game, and when I found out how difficult the controls were, or how long it would take to actually learn the controls, I felt like I wasted money. Gameplay gauges whether the game is enjoyable to play or not. Besides actually playing the game before you buy it, pay close attention to game ratings. Usually games with low rating scores have given gamers a bad Gameplay experience.

3. Story. What's the point! This is the question I always ask myself before buying a game. Now personally, I enjoy sport games. The reason is because every time I turn on the Wii and pop my sport games in, I get a different experience (some different happens in every game, rather than playing the same levels every time). Now again this is my preference. You as a gamer must know what you like and what you look for in a story, or plot of a game. If the point to the game stinks to you, then why buy it?

4. Multiplayer. This is not necessarily a rule of thumb for every game, but just in case you have a little brother or something that cries about sharing the playing time, this is an option to consider. Also, you can check and see whether you can play the game online with others, this is also a fun feature to explore.

You should thoroughly evaluate a game before buying it. Marketing teams are paying large amounts of money to entice you to buy their Wii game even though it might stink. You take the time to filter through the mist to find out what the game is really about. Check here, to see top rated Wii games to go with your bundle purchase.

Source by Monique Guillory

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