Why Do Men Play Mind Games? Now You Will Know Why Men Tend to Play With a Woman’s Emotions

Men are best known for playing mind games that leave women feeling frustrated or mad. Reading his mind is probably one of the hardest things that you could ever do. In order to decode what’s inside his head, it’s best to know the reasons why he does this:

He might feel emotionally unconfident.

A man who’s emotionally insecure would definitely play mind games with that woman that he’s wooing. He’s not exactly sure what he’s actually feeling so while he’s assessing himself, he would rather play mind games first. Rather than allow the woman to see his emotional insecurity, he deems it best to puzzle her.

He’s afraid that his vulnerability will be made obvious.

A man who isn’t sure whether he’s going to get serious with a girl or not will be confused when he’s faced with her – so in order to mask this uncertainty, he’ll play mind games in the mean time. He might also be playing this technique so that he’ll be able to see how well you’ll understand him.

The mysterious woman, the intriguing man.

If women are advised to be all mysterious, then men are told to become intriguing. Confusing a woman will make her want to solve the puzzle that is set before her.

This makes the whole dating game a lot more fun.

For as long as the girl is interested, her eyes will most surely be glued to the man. Women seemingly look at men who play mind games to be, not just interesting, but also intelligent beings. And you know how it is with women and intelligent men!

Boys just like to tease.

Guys play mind games just for the heck of it. Since it’s a mind game, guys just want to test the woman and see how well she can stand his being cold or being romantic at times.

He’s all macho.

A man who confuses or puzzles a woman is esteemed to be someone who’s macho. This is because, the more he plays these mind games with her, the more she seems to want to be with him! Just imagine all the men who have been rejected all because they were too upfront with a woman!

They’re uncomfortable about being asked personal questions.

Try asking him about his past relationship and he’ll either deviate the topic elsewhere or he’ll totally turn silent. This is a man’s defensive mechanism because he just can’t stand the thought of being cornered and pressed with something.

Source by Krista Hiles

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