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Ever since the economy started going down the drain, a lot of good, hard working people lost their jobs. Most people do not even know where to look cause their so used to having a job and following the same routine every week. But what if i told you, you can make top dollar playing video games? No it's not too good to be true.

Thousand of people like you and me make a living out of playing video games. They're called video game testers.

Video game testers get paid to sit at home, or a testing center, and play video games. Yes this is a really job. Video game companies are constantly working on a new game. It's a never ending cycle. So, naturally they will need people who can test the games for them before they release it. This is where the video game tester comes in.

The game tester has to play through the game thoroughly to make sure the everything in the game works properly. Game tester are always in contact with the company.

Whether it's the developers, programmers, designers, the game tester must be in contact with them at all times when testing the game. They do this so that you can exchange information bout the game currently being tested.

Sending feedback to the gaming companies is the only "actual work" you will probably do. I do not even really consider it work, to be honest. It's just a part of game testing. It's important that you know how to clearly explain a situation to the company.

Let's say you get to a part of a game and all the sudden everyone you went to open up the in-game menu, the game froze. You will have to explain what actions you took that caused the game to freeze. So you see, even the "actual work" is not too hard. But where do you go to find jobs?

It's hard to get a job testing video games on your own. But fortunately for us, we do not have to do it alone. There's plenty of people out here willing to help. People in professional web site communities can help you with everything you need to know for the job. Some of these communities as k for a monthly fee. But you can avoid paying a monthly fee if you find a legit community that you only have to pay for once.

I signed up for one of these communities and they really helped me kick my new career off. They had a "Video Game Tester" guide that really helped me understand how the gaming industry works. It also taught me what i would do through the work day.

The best thing about the community is they have a web page with a list of jobs. I'm ALWAYS on this page. they have over 120 gaming companies listed with jobs for video game testers. Not only that, but they update it daily, adding about 20 new jobs every week. So as you can expect, I'm ALWAYS working.

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