Two New PS3 Games From Sega

After all that hullabaloo about the pricing schemes for Sony's PS3 games, Sega announced that it will release two PS3 titles come November. Scott Steinberg, marketing executive for Sony, made the announcement earlier this week. According to him, the two PS3 games will be "Full Auto 2: Battlelines" and popular "Sonic the Hedgehog".

A sequel to the best-selling "Full Auto, Full Auto 2: Battlelines" features the next-gen quality high speed combat racing among PS3 games. The game features the once-pleasant districts of Staunton City as battle zones, rife with automotive destruction. Using explosive weapons, high-speed vehicles, and skillful technology-groundbreaking demolition tactics, players must defeat their opponents and claim the city as their own. The game has six unique multiplayer game modes: gauntlet, base assault, and team deathmatch. Players can engage in intense online multiplayer for up to eight players or fight and race against a friend in two player split-screen mode. There are six districts of Staunton City waiting to be conquered. With their own choice of weapons and battle-ready cars, players can enjoy hours of fresh gameplay in this story-based career mode. There are over 25 cars to choose from which players can customize by adding over 20 explosive devices and weapons.

Sonic, the blue blur is making a comeback via a new PS3 game. Sonic's newest adventure focuses on a mysterious new world governed by a beautiful princess. For ages, the kingdom has secured a mysterious gem that is encased in a necklace that hangs around the princess's neck. Unfortunately, the gem turns out to be the powerful Chaos Emerald. Dr. Eggman, hearing of its existence, soon attacks the kingdom in hopes of using the gem's power for itself. Sonic finds out about his enemy's plan and sets out to save the princess and her kingdom. The game makes heavy use of the Havok physics engine like all PS3 games making enemies to errant debris fly about in a pretty realistic way. In this game, the blur gets an ally in person named Silver. He is a fast runner like Sonic but more adept in throwing things and weapons to our blue-furred hero.

These two PS3 games will be released together with Sony's PS3 which make for an interesting feed to the rumor mill. Is Sony trying to lure in fanatics to buy Blu-ray formatted games by releasing the two most popular games of all time? Rumors escalate as these two games will be released exclusively for Sony and the PS3 for a period of time. After the limited period both games will also be published for Xbox 360. Curiously, this limited period ends some time after the release Sony's PS3 in the stores. Analyzes figure that this is a tactical by Sony to encourage Full Auto and Sonic fans to buy a Sony console.

Aside of the two popular PS3 games, Steinberg also announced the release of a new PS3 game come March 2007. Part of the Virtua Fighter series, the fifth installment of the game will also be available for PS3 console use. Sony is obviously banking on a tactical other than Blu-ray. But will the latest PS3 games be enough to save Sony from predicted disaster? Whether this tactic will work, only the gamers can tell.

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