Travel Games – Three Loud Games

Traveling with family provides opportunities to grow together in many ways. After all the normal things are done, there is room for games. These games do not need any particular tools, just some observation skills and some imagination.

1. The BEEP Game – Agree on a time or a score for this game.

The object of the BEEP game is to say BEEP whenever you see a policeman.

The player who says BEEP first gets a point for a true sighting, but a false alarm loose two points. The first to 10 wins. A good spotting game for potential drivers! Do not ply this game with a policeman in the car!

2. My Father Owns a Grocery Store Game – The estimated time for this game is thirty minutes.

The object of this game is to remember the list and add to the list of items that can be purchased from "my fathers grocery store".

The first player begins the round by saying "My father owns a grocery store and in it he sells (something that begins with the letter" A ") apples." The second player says, "My father owns a grocery store and in it he sells apples and (something beginning with the letter" B ") bananas." The third player says, "My father owns a grocery store and in it he sells, apples, bananas, (and something the begins with the letter" C ") carrots." It goes around and around like his, with each player adding another item to the list beginning with the next letter in the alphabet. If someone forgings an item, they are "out" and the process continues until only one person is left. If you get through the alphabet, and there are still two or more players, simply go through the alphabet again – now there will only be one player left! Make this game more interesting by owning a "Pet Store", or a "Hardware Store," a Music Store ", or any store that you can think of.

3. The Connection Game – Agree on a time limit.

The object of the connection game is to think of connections between words.

The first player says any word, like "horse", the next player looks for related word, like "jockey" and the next person thinks of a related word. When a player can not think of a word, they are "out" and the winner is the person that is left. To make it interesting, if a person says a word that has already been said, they are "out" or put a time limit on each play, eg, ten seconds for a quick game. It is amazing how word associations can be very unique with people.

Have fun with these games and make up new one!

Source by David Nivala

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