Top Ten Multiplayer Games

Multiplayer games are so fun because they challenge the players to play with or other players, create a strategy and new tactics in different settings. Create an empire, fight aliens, defend you city are only a few of the fun reasons people love to play multiplayer games. With their popularity, there are many bad copycats of the best games and it can be difficult to differentiate the best for the bad ones. Here are the top ten multiplayer games.

Starcraft – With over 40 games awards, needless to say that StarCraft is one of the most played multiplayer game ever. Real time strategy time at its best.

Warcraft III – Be an orc, a humans, an undead, or become a night elf, in this world where only the ruthless survive.

Diablo II – Join million of players to destroy the demon in this diabolical world. Engrossing story line that may cost you many nights of sleep!

Half-Life – Half Life brings gaming to a new level. Immerse yourself in this intense game experience, with scary and frightening moments and twists.

Tribes 2 – Our readers have applaud both the quality of gaming offered by Tribes and Tribes 2, but the sequel leads with a strong unanimity over the original game. Good graphics, excellent gameplay with tons of complex and varied strategies and tactics is what makes this multiplayer game one of the best on the market.

Age of Empires II – In the age of knights and princesses, the player is King. A true classic every multiplayer gamers should own.

Battlefield 1942 – This WWII FPS multiplayer games will make you wonder why you lost so much time trying other games … Choose your field of action: North Africa, South Asia Pacific, Western Europe, and Eastern Europe.

Unreal Tournament – First person shooter has never been more action-filled and bloodier! A mind-bogglingly story, where you ambush the enemy and gang up on them.

Total Annihilation – Some call it the next RTS generation of its time. Use medium to long-range planning to battle on ground or on waters with submarines and destroyers.

Counter Strike – Best team-based gameplay that creates a matchless FPS game with a depth of realism yet to beat. A must have item FPS gamers.

Source by Joel H. Simon

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