Top 3 Best Free iPad Games


Watch your planet evolve, build farms, control the weather and grow your followers. It is a social real time based game, where everything happens and has its consequences as in real life. Decide wherever you want rain or sunshine and collect XP points to get more and more followers. Cultivate and make your planet greener, build houses. You can play or compete against your friends. The gameplay is amazing with an intuitive interface and some really nice graphics and sound effects.

Harbor Master

This is very similar to Flight Control Hd. Practically you need to direct dozens of boats to their docks to unload their cargo without letting them collide. Guiding multiple ships at the same time can be really challenging, especially with twists like, tornados or several different types of cargo that had to be unloaded in multiple places. The game comes with a beautiful treasure map and the ability to play with your friends, taking fully advantage of the iPad's screen size and features. The visuals are really nice.

Labyrinth 2 HD Lite

A high quality labyrinth game for the iPad, featuring crisp graphics and real physics. If you are already familiar with the iPhone or the real version of Labyrinth you will enjoy this one too. The game is loaded with new elements, including Bumpers, Doors, Magnets, Duplicators, Merry-Go-Rounds or Lasers. You are able to play solo against a ghost ball or with up to 4 players over a Wi-fi network or Bluetooth. It even lets you to create and play your own levels.

Source by Peter R. Smith

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