This Is How Girls Play Mind Games – You Must Be Aware Of These Before She Ends Up Playing You

No matter whether you are in a long term relationship or probably have just started dating there are games playing all over the place by women and often men fall prey to such games. Girls can easily play mind games and get you to do what they want you to do. You see sometimes when they witness that you are really falling into their trap they would use you and start playing too hard to get. This is the worst possible situation you can ever be in but at the same time you can get out of this if you follow some simple yet powerful tricks. Read on to discover what these tricks are and how you can play them in their own game…

They would always make you jealous with other guys- Some girls have this tendency to make you jealous by talking and praising other guys around you and telling you how good bob, john or tom is. Well she is intentionally trying to make you jealous and she knows once you get jealous you would instantly start trying harder to get her and she would start playing too hard to get. You see under this situation never react. No matter what she might say just don’t react or don’t show any signs of jealousy. When you don’t react and remain confident about yourself she would come to a conclusion that these things don’t work on you and she would not try it again.

They would stop showing respect- There is always a time in the relationship where she would just not show you any respect like she used to. You see this is a situation where she is trying to prove her dominance over you and remember one thing. With girls you either lose her or lose self respect therefore your job here is to tell her that you would rather have your self respect than have her and she would instantly come running to you.

Source by Pushpa Pal Singh

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