The Scariest Flash Game Ever Made

Scary games have never been at the forefront of Computer Gaming and as a genre, it has over the years remained as a small niche. In recent years though there has been a huge interest in this niche. The reason of this has been because of the Massively successful Resident Evil series which boosted horror survival theme games to the mainstream and following closely is the Silent Hill series.

In recent times there has been even more games like Dead Space etc that has continued to pull mainstream players to this horror / scary game genre. All these has had a huge impact in the flash gaming world as well. Generally regarded as a strong hold of Casual Gamers, flash games have also evolved and produced massively successful Scary Games.

The most popular of which is the Scary Maze Games series. Interest in this particular game is phenomenal, and yet to be honest the game play mechanism is incredibly simple and its file size is just a few kbs. The appeal of this game is in its ability to frighten you.

Maze scary game popularity has also been due to its ability to be used as a prank on unsuspecting victims. This prank potential had even been made more popular by YouTube videos of its unfortunate victims.

All in all, simplicity and innovative ideas are what makes a game 'fun'. Maze Scary Games has both these important ingredients and is hugely popular. If you have not had a go at it and you love a good scare then it is very important that you turn down the lights, turn up the Volume and try this scariest game made to date. You will not be disappointed.

Source by Vikhotuo Sekhose

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