The Dunk Tank – iPhone Game

Are you into those challenging and amusing aiming and shooting style games that test your physics, movement, and ability to hit the target? If so, join the club and prove yourself! Dunk Tank by Bootle Entertainment provides high-quality graphics, undeniable game play, and of course plenty of fun for those that master the skill of throwing a ball with pin-point accuracy.

The idea is to topple people in the water tank below by hitting the ball on the target. Dunk Tank has two interactive game play modes. One is the 'Free' mode where users can choose any level to play on. The second mode is the 'Level' mode where users have to start from Level 1 and then progress to higher levels. Users are given the challenge to clear a level in a specific number of tries. Moreover, shooting skills are brought to test when the wind element comes in.

Aiming and getting a hold of the ball is a little tricky. The target is positioned in front of the ball and it takes time to hit the spot. Touch the ball and take your aim, then whip your finger towards the target with a quick flick of the finger. Once you get acclaimed to the whole movement and the wind factor, the game looks a whole lot easier.

These types of games involve people on a whole new level. Moreover, they challenge your physics and your movement skills. The only part where users can get a little frustrated is the aiming and throwing the part. Overall, I would give this game a rating of 4 stars out of 5 due to the good graphics and the challenging game play.

Source by Damon Jim

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