The Best Ways to Play Internet Games

Since the dawn of the Internet, games have been a part of many people’s online experiences. From “old school” Pac-Man and Frogger, to new games like Farmville, players have no shortage of options awaiting them.

Options for Internet Gaming

There are two options for playing games online. The first is to download them directly to your personal computer or laptop. This option is beneficial for people who want to be able to play while offline. The downside to downloading a game is that unless the user somehow backs it up, it is generally confined to the computer it is downloaded to. Downloaded games also carry the chance of containing spyware, adware and viruses in their files if they do not come from a trusted source. Additionally a downloaded game usually costs the user money per download.

The other option for Internet gaming is to play “cloud games.” These are located online and accessible from almost any computer with an Internet connection. Many users like these games, because they are convenient and do not take up an space on computer hard drives. Some examples of websites offering cloud games include Facebook and MySpace. However, these sites – while trusted – only use games as a single component of their overall social networking interface. This means a smaller selection for gamers.

Overall, whether you are serious about gaming online or just want to play some Skip Bo in your spare time, the better option is to play games on the Internet rather than download them. Try to find a subscription website that charges only a small monthly fee for unlimited games. You can usually cancel these anytime.

Source by Allison Wilson

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