Text Adventure Games – What is a MUD?

Most of us who browse the web use it for social networking, research, for connecting with family and friends, and even games. While many of us play web based graphical games there is a genre of games that has exhausted since the birth of the World Wide Web. Some have been around for nearly 15 years or more. These games are often known as MUDs (Multiple User Dungeons), or textual RPG games. You may be asking yourself what is a MUD. Simply put, a MUD is a game created in text that concerns on reading and your imagination.

Many who are reading this are probably thinking, "Why do I want to waste time playing a game where I have to read?" My answer is, "Why not?" We all spend a lot of time texting, leaving messages on social network sites, and even chatting with one another over chat clients. Some of us even play graphical games where we not only chat, but see the graphic and have to toggle back and forth between the graphics and text. The beauty of the textual RPG game is the fact that it brings all these modes of communication together. The written voice is important to the online text RPG environment. Just like any other chat utility, you meet new people, chat to them, and create your life in language. Just as you do in any other space on the web.

Imagine playing a game where you have the ability to become another character or persona. This person you create has endless potential. You can enter a realm where you can be evil or good. You can be a serious scholar, or even life a life surrounded by family and friends who you meet in game. Moreover, the textual RPG game allows for you to create back stories of your character. All hobbies that you find in real life, writing, journals, blogging, genealogy, history, (while based on an already created world) are available to you. In the textual RPG you are able to apply real life situations to a game and to contribute. The possibility of being is endless.

As you create a character you will find that many games revolve around city states. When you enter a game you may not be interested in politics or how a city works. As you grow you may find yourself wishing to learn more. These games reflect real world cities and situations. Many characters learn how to rule a city state, or become a city official. What is most amazing is that if you discover the various worlds you come to discover exactly how a city is run and functions. What is reflected in the MUD or RPG game is often found in real life. It does give you an appreciation for the work that so many officials do in cities and towns. Moreover, you learn to work with people who live in different city states, which may have a different way of life than your city, and you have to learn to get along with them.

If you are a student in high school or college, you will find that your major field of study will often be found in the textual environment. Rhetoric and Composition majors find that they can express themselves in writing. Those who are interested in Political Science discover that it exists in RPG games too. Business majors and budding entrepreneurs will discover that some games allow for you to own stores and to sell goods and to trade. Those who are interested in design and art will realize that they can create many concepts in writing and design them to share with other players. If you are out of college and beyond high school, you will find that many of your skills that you learned there and that you use in your day to day life can be applied to MUD games too. Some textual games rely on volunteer coders, builders, and such to assist them. If you enjoy that sort of work and have free time to devote to it, typically the administrators or site owners will interview you to see if you can take some time out of the week to work on areas that are being built. As said above, all that is found in the real world is found in the online world. The only thing that holds you back is possibly the fear of reading or feeling lost in text.

Yet, there is never any reason to feel lost. Most MUDs are populated by players who are more than willing to help you adjust to the game interface. Some even provide guides and safe spaces for you at lower levels until you become comfortable with the world that opens before you in text. Many offer homes, guilds, and clans to assist you with growth. Before you decide not dismiss an RPG text games as silly, why not long into one and try it. You may be surprised to find yourself waiting there.

Source by RA Pickett

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