Text Adventure Games – Saying Goodbye to Graphics, Made Easy!

While the MMORPG has exploded onto the gaming scene in the last few years (the market is now worth a massive $ 8 billion!), Text adventure games have always been here. Lurking in the background, growing since 1975 when computer images were just a crazy fantasy, free text games have bided their time. And now they are making their comeback. For many people, graphics just whats their appetite for virtual worlds, and when they had seen everything they realized it was not enough. What if there was a game with no limit to what they could do? MUDs accepted them with open arms.

It's not like you're not welcome, either. Every text adventure game in existence has an extremely dedicated and enthusiastic bunch of players who are always willing to lend you a hand. It's often a daunting experience when you first step outside your virtual door and see text scroll before your eyes. Once you realize that you are reading a book that changes with every movement you make and word you speak, you will see that you were just dipping your toe in the ocean of infinite possibility with MMORPGs. MUDs pick you up and throw you right in.

There is nothing like the feeling of slipping through a crack in your universe and into another. The thrill of picturing beautiful landscapes and awe-inspiring feats the way you want to is second to nothing. You can forget about the humming struggle of your computer as it tries to load fancy graphics, your brain is far better at it anyway. Spend your time role-playing in jaw-dropping environments, creating dazzling clothing and items, solving challenging puzzles, immersing in politics and intrigue, defeating others in skillful combat – whatever your ambition, there will be a way to fulfill it. RPG text games will bring your character to life in a way that no ordinary MMO can.

And as MMORPGs battle to capture the world's imagination, many titles come and go. Some are outwitted by the next game, some are beaten by graphic prowess, and some just run out of steam. Yet, text adventure games such as those designed and run by Iron Realms Entertainment expand from year to year, their number of players increasing. Why is this? Well, just like TV did not destroy the radio, when the gaming world said goodbye to its text-based roots, MUDs did not throw in the towel. Online text games have always thrived on dedicated gamers, experienced and inexperienced alike, and once people saw how limitless their text universes could be, they never left. Now that trickle of interest has turned into a flow as veterans of MMORPGs are realizing the same thing.

Oh, did we mention that MUDs are free? With online text games you really do get out what you put in. There is no need to receive a hefty credit card bill every month just to kill the same monsters over and over again. Your character can live a rich and fulfilling text-based life without you ever having to spend a penny on his or her behalf. But if you do not have the time to get that steed you wanted or you fancy a little boost, Iron Realms Entertainment offers you the ability to invest a little spare cash if you choose to. And that's what MUDs are all about – choice.

So, if you're bored with graphics, if you've exhausted your MMORPG or if you just fancy a change, text adventure games are waiting for you. Take the plunge and say goodbye to graphics, you have nothing to lose.

Source by Chris J Spencer

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