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Nothing characterizes American sports better than an old-fashion tailgate party. Whether a group of strangers met in a parking lot outside the stadium or you and your friends are gathered in your backyard, there’s nothing quite like firing up the barbeque, nursing a cold beer, and celebrating your home team with other loyal sports fans.

In addition to food, drinks, and music, there is one other necessity that must be part of every tailgate party: games. Tailgating games will bring out the competitive side of everyone, thus psyching them up for the upcoming game. The following are some popular games that will get everyone fired up for the first pitch or the opening kick (or jump ball…or dropped puck):

o Cornhole: Sometimes known as Baggo, this game can be played on any surface, indoors or outdoors. To play, set up two boards about 25 feet from one another. Each board’s back end should be elevated about a foot from the ground and will contain a small hole on the back half. Teams of two will place themselves behind either board and proceed to throw bean bags at the opposite board. A bag that goes through the hole is worth three points, while a bag that lands on the board but does not slide through the hole is worth one point.

o The Washer Toss Game: To play, you will need to set up two wooden boxes about ten feet apart. Each box should have a small hole in the middle. Like in Cornhole, teams of two will line up behind either washer box. However, in this game, participants will throw small, metal washers at the opposite box. A washer that lands in the hole is worth three points, while one that lands in the box is worth one point.

o Lawn Darts: As the name suggest, this game is to be played on a grassy area. To play, place plastic rings (with about a two-foot radius) on the ground about 10 feet from one another. Again, teams of two will set up behind the rings. To score points, players will have to toss lawn darts and try to land them inside the opposing circle. The darts used in lawn darts are about three times as big as those use in traditional darts.

There are countless other games that can be brought along to your next tailgating party. If you’re feeling creative, you can even make up your own game. Yet, no matter which you play, game-day competitions in Cornhole and other beanbag games will surly add excitement and enthusiasm to your next tailgating party.

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