Sports Handicapping – Make More Money on Games With These 5 Tips

Handicapping is a term derived from hand-in-cap. This was a popular lottery game in the 17th century. In this game, bets were placed in a cap and everything went on well. In this context sports handicapping refer to gaming related to sports competitions.

Gambling and for that matter betting is mainly concerned with future predictions. It is therefore to study the various trends underlying the particular sports concerned, and any parameter that can significantly influence the outcome of a game need to be studied very carefully. This will form the bases of the tips to that that will help us make more money on games that one bets on.

First Tip
Know the team members involved. Is the game being played with its regular players or have there been significant changes by way of recruits?

Second Tip
Know the field of play:
The venue of the matches must be known in advance. Are they playing on natural grass or artificial turf? You then go further to ascertain each team's performance in the various scenarios available. The results will have to influence the betting.

Third Tip
How is the weather condition? How do the different teams perform under different weather conditions? Some teams are good on wet grounds, while others are found wanting in such situations. All these should influence your bets. The secret is that you become conversant with time and you follow procedures naturally.

Fourth Tip
Set aside specific money to invest in your betting business. You have to go about your betting venture professionally. Money management plays a big role here. To be on a safer side, spread your bankroll some few smaller bets. This strategy guarantees small wins and consistently too.

Fifth Tip
The next tip is to increase your bets if you are on consistent winning streak. This is the green light that you are gaining grounds with your predictions. You there fore have nothing to fear. Do not go with big bets for the risk here is high and sometimes unfavorable.

If your ultimate in sports betting is to make money, then you have to employ all the seriousness that go with it including mentoring and you will be happy you did.

Source by Onipa Hiamoa

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